Applications in Membrane Technology 
for Water & Wastewater
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Applications in Membrane Technology for Water & Wastewater

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Membranes are quickly becoming an increasing important technique in water treatment. They are very versatile and can be used in many applications depending on the specific intrinsic properties of the membrane. Membrane filters act as a barrier to separate contaminants from water, or they remove the particles contaminating the water. Filtration is a process of removing particulate matter from water by forcing the water through a porous media. This porous media can be natural, in the case of sand, gravel and clay, or it can be a membrane wall made of various materials. Common membrane processes include microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, and electrodialysis.

All filtration techniques have advantages and disadvantages, depending on source water and finished water requirements. Water Today announces Virtual Training on Applications in Membrane Technology for Water & Wastewater by our Membrane Specialist Dr B. Chakravorty, having 40+ years’ experience in the field of membranes. He will explain what a membrane filter is and how it works inside different water filtration systems and industrial applications.

Advantages of using ultrafiltration, nanofiltration or reverse osmosis to treat water

Membrane filtration processes are effective methods of treating water that cannot be treated using conventional treatment methods. Reverse osmosis, in particular, has been responsible for ending several nearly decade long Boil Water Advisories. As advancements are made in membrane production and module design, capital and operating costs continue to decline.

Scope of Training

The virtual training is dedicated to membrane filtration and includes topics of pore size and physical classifications, performance and application, as well as membrane fouling, cleaning and integrity.

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Applications in Membrane Technology for Water & Wastewater is divided into two modules;

Module A: Membrane Filtration

Module B: Industrial Applications

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Date: 11 August, 2020; Time: 3.30 pm- 5.30 pm (IST)

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