Process Design of WWTPs, ZLD Plants & Water Recycling
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Process Design of WWTPs, ZLD Plants & Water Recycling

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Wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) are key infrastructures for ensuring a proper protection of our environment. A good design of WWTP processes could lead to better water quality and to an efficient use of energy. Many of the WWTP are operated in a less-than-optimal manner with respect to both treatment and energy efficiency, causing high costs and inefficient operation in order to meet the regulations.

Water Today’s upcoming training program on Process Design of WWTPs, ZLD Plants & Water Recycling will bring together the design of process, wastewater, industrial effluent and sludge treatment, looking at the different treatment objectives within each sub-sector, selection and design of physical, chemical and biological treatment processes, and design methodologies for water recycling. Our Guest Trainer, Mr Yogen Parikh having more than 40 years of experience is among the top wastewater instructors in India. Mr Parikh is a consultant, designer and a training instructor to wastewater treatment plants for many industries.

This training program will show you how to carry out the key steps in the process design of all kinds of wastewater and ZLD treatment plants. It will provide an essential refresher on the relevant underlying principles of engineering science, water chemistry and biology, together with a thorough description of the heuristics and rules of thumb commonly used by experienced practitioners. The water treatment plant designer will also find specific advice on plant layout, aesthetics, economic considerations, engineered pond systems and related issues such as oil & grease removal, disinfection systems, sludge management, etc.

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Key Features

  • Explains how to design wastewater and ZLD treatment plants that really work

  • Accessible introduction to, and overview of, the area that is applicable from a process engineering perspective

  • Covers treatment technologies and the whole process, from treatment plant design, water recycling to zero liquid discharge in a plant.

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This two day virtual training program will focus on the basics, design, case studies of selected installations, video presentations and thereby equip the participant with a knowledge base that will help them understand and be confidant in tackling the situation on hand when they get back to their positions to refine the existing practices and institute best management practices. This will also be a window to the participant to be informed about the latest developments in treatment technologies. The significant aspect of this virtual training program will be a radically different approach of building up the skills of delegates towards the topic.

Who should attend:

The training program on Process Design of WWTPs, ZLD Plants & Water Recycling is ideal for chemical, civil and environmental engineers, designers & professionals with background of STP & ETP and practicing professionals in charge of project formulation, experienced practitioners who are transferring into the water sector as well as early career water engineers.

Date: 20 & 21 August, 2020; Time: 4.30pm to 5.30pm (IST)

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