Epic Group enters into strategic partnership with Arvind Envisol

Epic Group enters into strategic partnership with Arvind Envisol

This ​partnership ​aims at ​integrating ​best practices ​of water and ​waste water ​treatment and ​use and thereby ​reducing the ​environmental ​footprint ​across ​manufacturing ​units of Epic ​Group in ​Bangladesh, ​Vietnam, ​Ethiopia, ​Jordan and ​future projects ​in India. ​

Environmental ​sustainability ​is at the ​center of this ​partnership as ​goals of both ​companies are ​well aligned to ​reduce and ​reuse water. ​For Arvind ​Envisol, this ​partnership ​signifies their ​expansion into ​Bangladesh for ​the water ​treatment ​solutions. ​

Through this ​partnership ​Arvind Envisol ​will provide ​its expertise ​in water ​treatment to 3 ​plants of EPIC ​in first phase. ​It will be ​later extended ​to other plants ​of the group. ​Arvind Envisol ​will provide ​technological ​solutions to ​achieve ZDHC ​progressive ​discharge ​standards using ​technologies ​such as ​Membrane Bio ​Reactors (MBR), ​Ultra-​filtration (UF).​

Speaking of ​the partnership,​ Punit Lalbhai, ​chairman, ​Arvind Envisol, ​emphasized:​ ​We are ​passionate ​about this ​partnership ​with EPIC Group,​ known for its ​leadership in ​sustainability. ​This partnership ​will help boost ​sustainable ​water treatment ​solutions, ​without ​hampering ​productivity.​Our capabilities ​in areas like ​water treatment,​ industrial ​effluent ​treatment ​across sectors ​and sewage ​treatment ​ensure that we ​contribute ​towards water ​conservation ​and reducing ​water pollution ​and wastage to ​a great extent. ​We are happy to ​enter into a ​new geography ​for our ​business with a ​partner such as ​Epic.”​

In second ​phase of the ​partnership, ​the parties ​will work ​together to ​develop and ​implement ​technology ​solutions to ​reuse treated ​wastewater in ​processes to ​significantly ​reduce the use ​of groundwater. ​Arvind Envisol ​will help with ​expertise based ​on regular ​audits and ​observations. ​

Ranjan ​Mahtani, ​chairman, Epic ​Group, said: ​“We are ​happy to ​partner with a ​globally ​credible name ​in water ​treatment ​business –​ Arvind Envisol.​ Sustainability ​is part of our ​culture driven ​by advanced ​technology, ​innovation and ​continuous ​improvement. ​This partnership ​will help both ​companies meet ​their ambitious ​sustainability ​aims and ​implement best ​in class ​wastewater ​treatment. The ​common endeavor ​is always to ​exceed industry ​expectations”​.

Arvind ​Envisol, a ​subsidiary of ​Arvind Ltd., is ​a water ​management ​company ​providing end-​to-end ​solutions for ​water treatment,​ industrial ​waste water ​treatment, ​sewage ​treatment and ​zero liquid ​discharge ​solutions. EPIC ​Group is a ​global apparel ​manufacturer ​with a global ​footprint ​focusing on ​innovation, ​design and ​sustainability. ​

Recently, ​Arvind and Gap ​Inc.’s ​partnered for ​‘Sewage ​Reuse Program ​– 8 ​MLD’. ​Both companies ​aim to ​eliminate their ​freshwater ​usage in ​manufacturing ​processes. ​Arvind Envisol ​made it ​possible ​through the use ​of innovative ​technology ​which helped ​reduce the ​overall ​footprint of ​the plant. ​

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