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Thermax launches ‘atoM’, a completely modularised and ultra-compact sewage recycle system to treat sewage water efficiently in confined spaces. The product is suitable for commercial and residential segments, given its contemporary aesthetics, sleek design and easy installation, operation & maintenance features. atoM incorporates the Membrane Bioreactor based technology, a widely used wastewater treatment process, involving biological degradation of organic load and nutrients integrated with membrane filtration. It is engineered for automated operations and provides consistent water quality, even with varying inlet loads. The product is available in 10 KLD, 20 KLD, 30 KLD and 50 KLD capacities. atoM comes along with Thermax’s Care-Connect programme to ensure optimised customer service.

Some key features of atoM include:

  • 55% less space as compared to traditional systems of similar capacity

  • Eliminates nitrogen and phosphorous from wastewater

  • Completely automated operations

  • Silent operations, less than 75 dB sound level upto one meter distance

  • Fits in basement having with product height of 2.5 meters

  • Complies with Pollution Control Board norms

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