C-5TM Reverse Osmosis Controller

C-5TM Reverse Osmosis Controller
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The C-5TM Reverse Osmosis Controller is designed to control and monitor the operating parameters of a single pump reverse osmosis water purification system at the most economical cost. C-5TM is the latest, reliable and flexible version that is capable to do automatic permeate flush for high brackish water applications and adjustable flush time. Moreover, the manual flush button is able to start and stop the flush solenoid valve at any time, which allows experienced engineer to flush the system with either raw water or clean water at desired pulse rate to achieve the best membrane flushing result during operation or CIP.

Key Features

➢ Permeate TDS monitoring (1-999ppm)

➢ Selectable operation mode (OP-A/OP-B)

➢ Automatic raw water flush (OP-A mode)

➢ Automatic permeate flush (OP-B mode)

➢ Multiple delayed feed solenoid valve closing time

➢ System status LED lights indications

➢ Manual flush button (immediate start and stop)

➢ Adjustable flush time (initial/tank full/timer flushes)

➢ Permeate tank full shut down & flush

➢ Low feed pressure shut down

➢ Improved EMI/EMC interference

➢ Start-up password enable/disable


• Dimension: (W)151mm x (H)121mm x (D)40mm

• Hole Size: (W)141mm x (H) 111mm

• Power: AC110V / 220V ±10%, 50 / 60Hz

• Input: Dry Contact, DC5V

• Output: Relay AC110V – 1.0A / Relay AC220V – 0.5A

• Working Condition: Temperature 0~50°C Humidity ≤ 85%

• Installation: Panel Mounted

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