Condition Monitoring Pumps

Condition Monitoring Pumps
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Condition Monitoring or CM, in short, is the process of determining the condition of your pumps, while they are in operation. This helps in monitoring the working situation of your water pumps using techniques like vibration monitoring.

Sintech smart IoT devices are outfitted with several sensors with the following advantages:

  • It is capable of measuring tri-axial high-frequency mechanical vibrations, temperature, and acoustics.

  • It is portable, magnetic & stud mounted.

  • It can be attached to any surface, and immediately starts providing mechanical data.

  • It helps you monitor your machines and equipment thereby preventing unplanned downtime, increasing productivity and minimizing breakdowns and the cost of maintenance.

Data from these sensors is passed to the cloud servers. It helps in determining the condition of your machines and equipment, while they are in operation and you can monitor it from remote location.


  • Reduce Workforce Time

  • Increase Pump Uptime

  • Minimum Data Cost

  • Preventive Maintenance

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