Demand Driven Distribution
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Demand Driven Distribution

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Grundfos India has introduced Demand Driven Distribution (DDD) to reduce leakage in water utilities and distribution networks. DDD helps in water leakage upto 20% and thereby energy savings as well. The System uses a concept of proportional pressure for automatic Adoption; This function automatically optimise the proportional-pressure using pressure data from remote sensors and ensures a constant pressure at consumers or critical points. The pressure at the pumping station shall vary depending on the usage-pattern at the critical points. The system pressure shall be automatically adjusted when a change in water requirement is registered at the pumping station.

Features and benefits

· Energy efficient operational efficiency

· Minimizes leakages and water wastage

· Increased comfort due to stable pressure at critical points

· No need for manual intervention to regulate the pressure

· Extended system lifetime


· Water distribution

· Pressure boosting