HPC020 High-Pressure Coriolis Flow Meter

HPC020 High-Pressure Coriolis Flow Meter
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Hydrogen dispensing operations require accuracy and repeatability at high pressures, along with a rugged and reliable flow measurement solution resistant to the metal embrittlement that hydrogen causes.

With a larger nominal flow rate than previous meters, the new Micro Motion HPC020 expands the ability to safely dispense hydrogen fuel at the efficiency required for heavy duty vehicles. Designed to meet international standards in safety and custody transfer for hydrogen refueling (OIML R139), it is an ideal solution for hydrogen dispensing and truck loading.

The Micro Motion HPC020 features:

  • Accurate repeatable flow measurement up to 16,401 psi (1,131 BAR) maximum operating pressure

  • High-strength XM-19 stainless steel wetted parts, offering exceptional corrosion resistance at high and low temperatures

  • Two-wire, direct-connect (no transmitter needed), which accommodates any installation requirement

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