Hybrid Composite Flexible Pipe

Hybrid Composite Flexible Pipe

Baker Hughes ​has developed ​new designs for ​flexible pipe, ​moving from ​purely metallic ​strength to a ​carbon fiber ​composite ​pressure armor ​layer, marking ​a major step-​change in the ​industry. ​The hybrid composite flexible pipe reduces overall system complexity. ​

The choice of ​subsea pipeline ​technology is ​often based on ​local ​conditions, ​technical ​requirements, ​installation ​vessel ​availability, ​operator ​preferences, ​and cost ​efficiency. ​

The ability to apply flexible pipe ​in the most ​challenging ​environments is ​a significant ​part of its ​appeal. High ​performance in ​water depths ​beyond 2,500 m (​8,202 ft), high ​pressure ​reaching beyond ​10,000 psi, and ​high temperatures ​more than ​130°C (​266°F), as ​well as the ​ability to ​withstand large ​vessel motions ​in adverse ​weather ​conditions, ​point toward ​why flexible ​pipelines have ​increased in ​popularity in ​recent times. ​

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