HYPN system

HYPN system
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Kirloskar Brothers Limited

HYPN system is a conventional pumping system converted into an automated pumping system. A HYPN system maintains constant pressure and helps eliminate unnecessary functioning of pumps in case of low flow conditions. Also, the performance of the HYPN system is controlled, smooth, and facilitates energy and water optimisation. KBL’s energy-efficient HYPN system requires low maintenance and its customised configuration and design ensures its long life, making it one of the most cost-effective pressure-boosting systems globally.

KBL has accomplished further value addition by coupling HYPN system with remotely accessible smart monitoring devices such as mobile phone, iPad, among others. As a result, customers can remotely monitor and keep a tab on the status of their system on the go, wherever they are, right on their mobile devices. The remote monitoring option gives customers an edge in two ways: firstly, through its predictive modelling capabilities, customers can take corrective measures before pump breakdown and, secondly, it substantially reduces dependency on field inspectors thus ensuring manpower optimisation.

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