Multiparameter Portable Meter HI98494 with Bluetooth

Multiparameter Portable Meter HI98494 with Bluetooth
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Hanna Instruments

The meter design is a combination of robustness and smart technology. Smart Bluetooth connectivity for easy data transfer on field and robust portable meter with IP67 ratings best suited for environmental testing. Supplied with a smart probe that automatically recognizes the sensors once connected.


HI98494 is Waterproof meter IP67 rated, and the probe id IP68 rated.

Dual Power Source - The meter operates on a built-in lithium-ion battery and will automatically switch to AA alkaline batteries for at least 200 hours of testing, can be charged through USB Type C port.

Data Transfer – Connect the meter wirelessly via Bluetooth to your smart device running the Hanna Lap App or use USB Type-C port for easy data transfer to memory stick, PC, or other device.

Digital Probe - Digital probe with built-in temperature sensor and the meter automatically recognize the sensors once connected.

Automatic interval logging of up to 45,000 samples or log-on-demand

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