OverWatch Direct In-Line Pumping System

OverWatch Direct In-Line Pumping System
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The OverWatch Direct In-Line Pumping system eliminates the wet well, reducing maintenance and clogged pumps. The system utilizes smart water technologies to adjust pump speed in real-time to match flow demands, while detecting and removing clogs without human intervention. Should a clog be detected, the unit will reverse itself to clear. This is especially effective when combined with the DipCut Impeller, which exposes razor sharp teeth to shred any rags or wipes which may have caused the clog. Eliminating the need for a wet well prevents hazards associated with a retained liquid. Without detention time, fibrous materials combined with fats, oils or greases do not have the ability to solidify. Whether the pumped liquid is caustic or acidic, the build-up of hydrogen sulphide and odours is contained, eliminating the need for odour compression systems. OverWatch is the only system capable of lifting effluent directly at the point of entry, prevailing over the drawbacks of retained volumes, according to the manufacturer. It also allows maintenance to be performed in a clean and dry machine room.

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