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Combined with RADAR, Syrinix’s cloud analysis platform, PIPEMINDER-ONE Acoustic locates leaks on a broad range of pipeline material and sizes. Like the rest of the PIPEMINDER-ONE family, the Acoustic version triangulates pressure events and sends intelligent alarms so utility users can identify and fix potential problems on their network. All data is recorded by a precise time-stamped management information system synced to reliable 4G, 3G, and 2G mobile networks. Because units are widely spaced along the distribution network, fewer PIPEMINDER-ONE Acoustic units than traditional leak detectors are needed to obtain valuable high-resolution data.

PIPEMINDER-ONE Acoustic records pressure at 128 samples per second, generating both transient and summary data, which can be used for triangulation, clustering, classification, and export via an API. The addition of acoustic data from a new, improved hydrophone is used in combination with pressure monitoring to identify a leak position. With speedy and precise detection, utilities can now respond quickly to operational and network failures before customers notice any problems and, with the same unit, identify and mitigate the pressure events contributing to those leaks and bursts.

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