Sea Water Filtration

Sea Water Filtration
Sea Water Filtration Forsta Filters Inc.

The 180 ​Fiberglass ​Reinforced ​Plastic (FRP) ​Series filters ​offer an ideal ​solution for ​corrosion ​resistance in ​brackish, brine ​and seawater ​filtration ​applications. ​Fiberglass ​Reinforced ​Plastic, or ​Glass ​Reinforced ​Plastic (GRP) ​is a composite ​material or ​fiber-​reinforced ​polymer made of ​a plastic ​reinforced by ​fine fibers ​made of glass. All ​wetted ​components of ​the FRP Series ​self-cleaning ​filters are ​constructed ​from seawater- ​resistant ​plastic or ​other high ​alloy materials.​

Forsta’​s FRP Series ​self-cleaning ​water filters ​are available ​with an on-line,​ or in-line ​flange ​configuration ​to accommodate ​simple ​installation, ​and easily ​integrate with ​any pipeline in ​a seawater ​filtration ​process. ​

A two-stage screening distinguishes the FRP Series filters. A ​coarse screen ​is responsible ​for straining ​out large ​debris from the ​water source, ​and the fine ​screen purifies ​water to the ​designated ​micron rating. ​

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