Sintech Advanced Pumping Performance

Sintech Advanced Pumping Performance

SAPP (Sintech Advanced Pumping Performance) is an exceptionally efficient pump designed to handle sulphite, sulphate (Kraft), and waste stock with precision. Additionally, it is well-suited for various applications across industries that involve handling thick and pulpy mixtures.

This Pump can handle all types of stock, maintaining optimal performance even up to 6% consistency. In special conditions, it can even handle higher consistencies. Thanks to its smooth casing and extra heavy impellers, SAPP effectively prevents clogging and air locking, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Benefits of Sintech SAPP Pumps for Your Operations

➤  Efficient Handling

➤  Versatile Application

➤  High Consistency Capability

➤  Clog Prevention

➤  Durable Components

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