Ultrasonic level transmitter LST200

Ultrasonic level transmitter
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Level measurement is a key requirement in many industries where accurate data on liquid levels is needed for purposes ranging from managing storage through to reporting. In water and wastewater treatment applications, where dozens of level devices may be used, a product that offers simple commissioning, reliable operation, fast delivery and easy maintenance offers tremendous customer value.

Developed in conjunction with our customers and drawing on ABB’s extensive experience in level measurement, the LST200 ultrasonic level transmitter offers a simple, smart and reliable level measurement solution. Featuring a modular design, the LST200 utilizes the latest developments in digital sensing technology, including built-in smart chip and an interface for upgrading with future modern data acquisition methods such as NB-IoT, offering the full benefits of digitalization for improved measurement and sharing of data.



Easy to use
• Easy setup menu and clear backlight for easy configuration
• Easy installation, maintenance and upgrade with modular design

Smart and reliable
• Compact transmitter with real-time echo waveform display and diagnostic messages
• Reliable accuracy with temperature compensation (better than ±3mm or 0.25% of full span)
• Reliable and smart algorithm with noise filtering for challenging applications
• Reliable protection grade IP66/IP68 which is typical for water and wastewater industry
• Reliable electromagnetic compatibility (IEC CISPR standard) proved by independent laboratory testing

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