Ameriwater introduces cooling tower water filter


Water purification specialist, Ameriwater has created the HEF CWFT, specifically designed for a 300-tonne cooling tower for smaller commercial, institutional, and light manufacturing applications that want cleaner cooling tower water without the expense and footprint of a larger system.

AmeriWater’s CWFT model efficiently removes the extremely small particles responsible for fouling of heat transfer surfaces. This filter uses ultrafine sand to provide much more effective filtration than standard low efficiency technology. Within the unit, the crossflow action of the water across the surface of the finer media prevents rapid plugging by pushing contaminants over to the storage area. The company says that filtration efficiencies improve dramatically and the filter requires up to 10 times less backwash water.

The CWFT features a non-corrosive composite fibreglass tank and schedule 80 PVC manifold. The system delivers reliable ½ or 2-micron filtration for cooling towers and has the option for backwash storage tanks from 130–1,000 gallons. The unit also features a PLC controller with integrated HMI touchscreen.

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