UK Govt backs technology to convert wastewater into fertiliser

UK Govt backs technology to convert wastewater into fertiliser

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CCm Technologies in partnership with Severn Trent has been awarded approximately £1 million government funding to explore new sustainable ways to recycle wastewater and convert it into a commercial product.

The water and waste company has received grant funding from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and the Carbon Trust, as part of their Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator programme.

The project focuses on a new process, developed by CCm Technologies, which uses captured carbon dioxide to stabilise, nitrogen, phosphate and organic chemicals held within waste streams at Severn Trent, turning them into sustainable plant nutrients

The funding will go towards developing an entirely new solution for treating wastewater in the sewage process. This approach, in partnership with CCm Technologies, is a world first for the wastewater sector and will substantially reduce the amount energy needed, as well as increasing the quality.

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