Coronavirus: Latur's water supply gap reduced due to lockdown

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Water will be supplied in Latur city in Maharashtra once every seven days from the current gap of ten days due to rise in demand following the lockdown imposed due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, a senior official said on Friday.

Latur, 290 kilometres from here, is part of parched Marathwada region and is the state's 16th largest city with five lakh residents.

"People are at home so demand has picked up. Therefore, we have brought down the water distribution gap from 10 days to seven days. The duration of water supply will be curtailed by 25 per cent as well. This will help us to maintain water storage till July," Vijay Cholkhane, Executive Engineer of Latur Municipal Corporation said. "The water usage in commercial establishments has gone down due to the lockdown, and some of this will be diverted to home," he explained.

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