Kerala Water Authority reduces pumping due to increased turbidity

Kerala Water Authority reduces pumping due to increased turbidity

As water level in Periyar, the lifeline of Kochi, begins to breach its banks, the Kerala Water Authority (KWA) cautions the public to judiciously use potable water supplied through its network. With the highlands reporting landslides in the heavy rains, and turbulent water flowing down the river the water authority said that they are forced to reduce pumping from the river at the water treatment plant in Aluva.

KWA officials said on Friday the pump functioned at a capacity of treating 252 MLD water compared to usual 290 MLD. They confirmed that if the turbulence increases it might affect pumping. “We have reduced overloading and the pumping is restricted. However, as of now we haven’t stopped pumping from the river. We are monitoring the water. The mud, sand and debris from the highland is flowing down the river,” said a KWA engineer.

Periyar River Water
Periyar River WaterPeriyar River Water

He said that as water consumption in the city has reduced since the outbreak of Covid-19, they did not expect a sudden disruption in water supply due to the reduced pumping. “The tail ends might face some issues as the pressure of pumping gets reduced. So those regions which fall in the tail ends could experience shortage in water supply,” said the engineer.

During the 2018 August flood, the pumping from Aluva treatment plant was stopped as water in the Periyar turned turbulent.

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