Lockdown helps raise groundwater levels in Andhra Pradesh

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The temporary closing down of commercial establishments and industries due to COVID 19 lockdown has eased the burden of groundwater in Andhra Pradesh

The groundwater table in all the districts in the state has shown a rise in June as compared to the levels in the corresponding time of the previous year. The increase has been attributed to the temporary closure of commercial establishments and industries due to Covid-19 lockdown which has eased the burden on groundwater in Andhra Pradesh.

The data from Andhra Pradesh Water Resources Information and Management System (APWRIMS) show that the groundwater table in coastal Andhra Pradesh Region (nine districts) increased from 13.77 meters below ground level (bgl) on June 9, 2019, to 10.81 meters bgl on June 9, 2020. The average increase in the water table was 2.96 meters.Similarly, in Rayalaseema region (four districts), the groundwater table increased from 23.36 meters bgl in June 2019 to 17.11 meters bgl on June 9, 2020, an average increase of 6.25 meters.In coastal Andhra Pradesh region, Prakasam district reported the highest rise in the groundwater table from 22.24 meters bgl to 16.71 mbgl (increase of 5.53 meters) followed by Nellore district from 13.72 mbgl to 9.36 mbgl (increase of 4.37 meters). When it comes to Rayalaseema region, the ground water table in Kadapa district increased to 27.22 mbgl to 19.39 mbgl (an increase of 7.83 meters).

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