No industrial discharge found at Sellur tank: TNPCB report

Environmentalists and residents found froth and foam in it
No industrial discharge found at Sellur tank: TNPCB report

A study conducted by the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) for identifying the reason behind the formation of foam and froth on Sellur tank on November 28 indicates that there was no industrial discharge found at the tank.

Environmentalists and residents were in for a shock when they found froth and foam floating on Sellur tank on November 28. Fire and Rescue Services personnel sprayed water to subside the foam.

Speaking to The Hindu, S. Pandiarajan, District Environmental Engineer, TNPCB, said that an inspection was made on the same day at Sellur tank, along with Madurai North Tahsildar. Samples were lifted both from the inlet and outlet channels of Sellur tank and were sent to Advanced Environmental Laboratory, TNPCB, for an analysis.

It was observed that while the pH value at the inlet channel was 7.02, the pH value at outlet channel was 7.01. "Both these values are at a neutral level," said Mr. Pandiarajan.

The report submitted by the TNPCB said, "the foaming in the surplus water of Sellur Kanmoi (tank) may be due to human activities, such as use of soaps and detergents and decay of plant organs - water hyacinth and other vegetations present in the tank."

There is indiscriminate discharge of untreated sewage from nearby residences into the tank, said Mr. Pandiarajan. "The foam and froth could have been formed due to the turbulence created following the increased flow of water in the tank after the heavy downpour witnessed in the city the previous night," he added.

The report further added that no bleaching or dying units were located near the tank. Some houses located on the North West and North East direction on the bank of the tank are directly discharging the sewage into the tank, added the report.

Collector T. Anbalagan reiterated that there was no industrial discharge found at the tank.

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