Plant that powers Kolkata is India's most water-efficient

CESC Budge Budge Thermal Power station holding pond.
CESC Budge Budge Thermal Power station holding pond.

A power generation plant, that supplies the bulk of the electricity to Kolkata, has emerged as the most water-efficient thermal power station in the country.

The 750 MW CESC Budge Budge Thermal Power station, that had earlier achieved a zero effluent discharge facility after it managed to reuse all the effluent water, has now reduced its water consumption to 2 litre for every unit of electricity generated against the national benchmark of 3.5 litre.

Coal and water are the primary requirements for a thermal plant. Water is boiled to form steam that rotates the turbines that is in turn coupled with a generator produces electricity.

The steam formed is then condensed to form water. Some of it is lost to leakage while some more gets evaporated during the condensation process. The Budge Budge plant that was set up in 1997 with one unit of 250 MW to which two more units of same capacity were added in 1999 and 2010 has managed to considerably minimise water loss over the past two decades.

Among the many innovative processes adopted to achieve the reduction include the effective “dry fog” system, an official said.
The internationally-renowned Energy and Environment Foundation (EEF) has awarded the Energy and Environment Foundation Global Award to Budge Budge, recognising the achievement.

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