Yogi Adityanath to make UP rivers ‘clean and serene’

Yogi Adityanath to make UP rivers ‘clean and serene’

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is now working towards making rivers in the state ‘clean and serene’.

The chief minister has ordered the officials to make sure the water quality of the Gomti river is improved. In order to implement this work, an order has been passed to release water from May 1 to June 15.

He has also instructed that all 31 rivers including Ganga, Yamuna and Saryu of the state should be made clean and serene.

The construction of the 120 MLD Gaizuddin Haider (GH) canal STP, worth Rs 336 crore, is also being done at a rapid pace by the Jal Nigam Lucknow and this will be operational by September 2022.

The construction of the canal will stop the dirt from falling into the Gomti River, making it easier for aquatic animals to survive.

GH Canal, popularly known as the Haider Canal drain, is passing through the capital along the lines of the Sisamau drain in Kanpur.

In June 2018, Yogi Adityanath had given instructions to make the river clean and serene after laying the foundation of the Gomti Cleanliness Campaign.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath

With this initiative, sewage treatment plants have been constructed at various sites in the state.

According to the government spokesman, special care has been taken to prevent felling of trees for these projects. “During the construction of STPs, as many as 150 big trees have been saved on the GH canal being built on six acres of land,” the spokesman said.

The chief minister has also given a gift to Pilibhit which is on its way to becoming a tourist hub.

A budgetary provision of Rs 44.77 lakh had been sanctioned to develop the Brahmachari Ghat. Pilibhit is the origin of the Gomti River, considered to be the heritage of Lucknow.

Official sources said that Jal Nigam has also been instructed to prepare a DPR (Detail Project Report) for the construction of an STP on Sultanpur Road and for arranging drainage on Barabirwa Kanpur Road.

The UP Government has also asked Jal Nigam to run a plantation campaign along the rivers.

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