AquaMaster4 Electromagnetic Flowmeter

AquaMaster4 Electromagnetic Flowmeter
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AquaMaster4 electromagnetic flowmeter
AquaMaster4 electromagnetic flowmeter ABB Group

The application Equipment used for fire service is highly regulated by the insurance providers to protect the investment and insure the workers’ safety. For sprinkler systems to be continuously ready requires a constant supply of water to be available. To achieve this, the water supply must be maintained at a suitable pressure. Metering the supply of water to sprinkler systems will help to enable any issues to be identified and pinpointed so that a sufficient supply of water at the correct pressure can be guaranteed. It will also help to make sure that users are correctly billed for the water they use for their sprinkler system.

Key advantages of electromagnetic flow meters include:

  • Minimal obstruction with very low head loss

  • No moving parts

  • Availability for wide range of bore sizes

  • No significant performance effects caused by temperature, pressure or fluid density changes

  • No significant performance effects caused by profile distortion/swirl

  • No straight pipe required upstream and downstream the flowmeter (0D/0D)

  • Output directly and linearly related to flowrate

  • Measures with same high accuracy in either forward or reverse direction

  • High turndown ratio (1000:1) with long term stability of process value

  • Small footprint, ideal for compound meter systems

  • Annual calibration not required. In-situ verification assures users with traceable certificates

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