Howden Uptime

Howden Uptime

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Howden Uptime is a unique and innovative platform for gathering, interpreting and analyzing data. Ideally suited for wastewater treatment plants, the cloud-based subscription service enables secure access to real-time operational insights and alerts related to the performance of your rotating equipment. It combines active inputs such as temperatures, pressures and vibration with reference parameters from manuals, specifications and maintenance reports.

Howden Uptime’s automated notifications are sent to you and Howden specialists to provide insight on a broad spectrum of systems and components, reducing unplanned outages by up to 75%.

As an equipment manufacturer with over 160 years of experience, Howden can help you translate the data so you can make informed decisions at your plant. The company’s in-house experts will show you how to optimize the performance of your equipment to reduce your total cost of ownership.

Benefits of use include predicting failure before it happens to reduce unplanned downtime; increasing the life of your critical asset to reduce maintenance costs; improving equipment performance to reduce energy costs; and optimizing plant processes to reduce total cost of ownership.

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