Submersible Pumps - EffTec series

Submersible Pumps - EffTec series
HOMA Pump Technology
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The pump has optimised motors and hydraulics ensure high effectiveness in accordance with Premium Efficiency IE 3. Thanks to the newly-designed motor and the mechanically optimised hydraulics, these single-channel impeller pumps have not only proven themselves through their high efficiency, but also through their exceptionally smooth operation, which considerably increases the operating life of this sturdy design. The units pump 13 l/s are trouble-free operations. The fact that the EffTec models can be installed either "wet" or "dry" is down to the patented PermaCool System, an innovative, permanent cooling system for the motor.

For this series, the whole of the motor was newly designed. Hence, for example, the special design ensures that the cooling jacket cannot get covered with solids, which provides a high degree of operating reliability. This is supported by a very robust mechanical design and a low winding temperature, which leads to lower thermal loading and an increase in operating life. Through the considerably improved efficiency of the motors, the EffTec models achieve a Premium Efficiency Classification of IE3.

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