A cloud data hosting service for telemetered solutions.
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HydroSphere™ is a scalable collaborative data visualization platform for outdoor water monitoring. Empower your organization and all data stakeholders by:

  • Telling your data's story with customizable graphs, tables, and dashboards

  • Never miss an event with data-driven alarms and customizable escalation

  • Defining roles and access to your data with personalized credentials for each user

  • Building networks of monitoring sites

  • Creating public websites for the visualization of curated data

HydroSphere is Simple

  • Data are available anywhere, anytime, on any web-enabled device

  • Menu-driven setup of sites

  • Easy addition of contacts and users

  • Easily designed, customized graphs and tables

  • Simple data-backfill for when transmissions from the field are interrupted

  • Easy connection to your telemetry-enabled device

HydroSphere is Smart

  • 99.9+% availability rating of the platform

  • Advanced alarm settings combine multiple parameter options

  • Alarm escalation involving multiple users

  • Define the content for automated reports

  • Export reports when, how, and to whomever you define

HydroSphere is Secure

  • Hosted on Amazon's AWS data center

  • Rest assured with 24/7 system monitoring - utilizing machine learning for data classification and protection

  • State-of-the art security controls on the applications, servers, and networks

  • Protection of personalized login credentials

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