WSFCU Sides RoadTank
WSFCU Sides RoadTank

Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Utilities opts for SaaS by Sensus

Along a well-​travelled ​stretch of ​Winston-​Salem’s ​Peters Creek ​Parkway, local ​motorists and ​visitors ​can’t ​miss the ​colourful, 50-​foot-tall otter.​ Stretching 290 ​feet across the ​ground-level ​water tank, the ​artwork is a ​nod to both the ​local water ​supply and the ​North American ​River Otter ​that is ​indigenous to ​the Yadkin ​River.​

It’s only natural that Winston-Salem/​Forsyth County ​Utilities, headquartered ​in the “​City of Arts ​and Innovation,​” ​provides an ​artistic ​welcome message ​for everyone. ​As for innovation, the utility has partnered with Sensus, a Xylem brand,​ for a smart ​utility network.​ The meter ​upgrade and ​network ​enhancements ​will accurately ​measure water ​consumption and ​rapidly detect ​leaks.​

“Our ​Water Savvy ​advanced meter ​program will ​provide both us ​and our ​customers with ​real-time data ​on water usage,​” said ​Winston-Salem/​Forsyth County ​Utilities ​Director ​Courtney Driver.​ “This meter upgrade ​will enhance ​our services ​and empower our ​customers to ​better manage ​how much water ​they use.”​

Salem Lake Dam
Salem Lake Dam

Winston-Salem/​Forsyth County ​Utilities will ​deploy of mix ​of approximately ​130,000 ​residential and ​commercial ​water meters ​including ​iPERL®, allyTM and OMNITM over the next ​three years. ​Benefits of the ​deployment ​include:​

  • automated ​meter ​monitoring and ​advanced leak ​detection

  • access to real-time data

  • efficient use ​of staff time ​and reduced ​truck rolls for ​service ​calls

“We ​welcome the ​opportunity to ​partner with ​Winston-Salem/​Forsyth County ​Utilities on ​their ​smart utility ​journey,” ​said Mike McGann, ​Vice President, ​Sensus Americas,​ Global Engineering & Assessment ​Services. ​“Our ​solution will ​provide the ​right data at ​the right time ​to optimize water ​system ​operations, ​reduce ​maintenance ​costs and ​improve ​sustainability.​” ​

The 20-year ​partnership ​includes ​Network as a Service (NaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) ​offerings, ​which allows ​Sensus to ​maintain and ​perform ​software ​upgrades as ​necessary so ​the utility can ​focus on what ​it does ​best—​reliable ​delivery of ​high-quality ​drinking water. ​

Mike Koivisto, ​the utility ​deputy director,​ believes this ​modernization ​will significantly ​impact ​management of ​their water ​distribution ​system and it ​fits well with ​the organization’​s commitment to ​protecting ​resources and ​the environment.​ “Sensus ​analytics will ​provide ​superior water-​loss monitoring ​tools that will ​enable our ​staff and ​customers to be ​smart with ​every drop," ​said Koivisto, ​who also serves ​as the ​Water Savvy ​program manager.​

The initial ​deployment will ​begin in ​September and ​the upgrade ​should be ​completed ​within the next ​three years.​

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