Chembarambakkam Reservoir releases water
Chembarambakkam Reservoir releases waterTwitter

Gates of Chembarambakkam Lake Opened to Release Water

With heavy rains lashing Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and parts of the east coast since Monday night, following Cyclone Nivar, shutters of Chennai's Chembarambakkam lake opened on Wednesday. The shutters of the lake were reportedly opened after five years earlier to let out 1,000 cusecs of water amid heavy rainfall in Chennai.

The lake's capacity to hold water is till 24 feet. As per the order from the Public Works Department (PWD), the water was expected to rise till 22 feet and a rise beyond that level needed the gates to open for the safety of the residents.

The lake has been reported to be 79 per cent full and the water will be diverted to the Adyar river which has the capacity to carry 60,000 cusecs of water.

"Though it has been raining very heavily in Chennai, the catchment areas of Chembarambakkam did not receive much rainfall. Its depth now stands at 21.2 feet and we will release some water only after it reaches 22 feet," said an official from the Public Works Department

With the gates opening, social media soon saw numerous videos of water rushing out of the catchment area while the Adyar river is flowing at a high speed through the city.

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